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 Consulting  Services 

Private consulting services are available for individuals and companies whom are interested in advancing aromatherapy into  commercial products, spa therapy services, or complimentary medical health and wellness care. 

Please apply for consulting services by Requesting Information and apply for consulting service contract. 

​Client consultations for aromatherapy services are part of spa therapy appointments. 

​To purchase Consulting Service contract press the purple button blow. 
​Shopping cart Consulting Service fees are $125 per hour. If the contract specifies more than one hour purchase the quantity of one hour Consulting Services specified in your contract.  

The Sacred Art of Aromatherapy 

 Become a Certified 
Compassionate Care Giver 
with Aromatherapy 

November 11th 
Part 1 ~ 9am to 12 pm.
Part 2 ~ 1pm to 5 pm. 

3 hr Module 4 Lecture Part 1   $65
4 hr Module 4 Hands-on Workshop Part 2 
7 hr Module package $99 sold together 
includes PDF workbook and personalized aromatherapy inhaler blend

            7 hour Module 4 for part 1 & part 2             
and home study Module 1-3 package: $250
October early bird special $225

Complete 20 Hour program for
 Self Care, Healing Arts & Medical Caregivers

Nursing 20 CEU certificate course
CEP 16121 / BRN approved

3 Module Home Study with "Aromatherapy Coach Consultation" $99​

Curriculum objectives: Home Study Modules 1 to 3
  • ​History of Aromatherapy 
  • Safety standards for use and handling of aromatherapy
  • Evidence based medical uses for Clinical and Palliative Care
  • Holistic health, mindfulness, self care methods and professional medical hands on uses of Aromatherapy  application 
  • $99 (Now sold separate)  

Hands- On Workshop ​Objectives: 

  • Module 4 part 1 and part 2 workshops $99 sold together.                               Part 1 and part 2 workshops $65 each sold separately 
  •  Module 4 part 1 $65
  •       Wellness and Inhalation techniques for Stress and symptom management        including mindfulness relaxation care techniques. 
  • Module 4 part 2  $65
  •    Wellness and Compassionate Care for Caregivers for preventative and               symptom care.
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of needs for assessment and integrative medical aromatherapy care planning.  
  • ​Complete essential oil profile of 12 essential oils.
  • ​Safe effective Blending of essential oils for Inhalation and topical applications of aromatherapy.
  • Hands-On practical applications of aromatherapy

Contact us for complete curriculum and other information. 

(619) 405 0589 

For more information 
Call (619) 405 0589 

Compassionate Care & Aromatherapy 

August 26th 
9 to 5
Scrips La Jolla, CA

$199 course fee 
20 CEU - RN
Certificate Course

Sacred Art of Aromatherapy 

​San Diego, CA

​ $250

12 CEU - RN
Certificate Course
Limited space register now

Phase One Home Study is suggested as prerequisite for Sacred Art of Aromatherapy weekend workshop.

Contact Us
Aromatherapy Institute 
for the Healing Arts 

Starting Fall of 2017 

Become a Certified 
Healing Art Wellness Consultant 
with Aromatherapy 

Module 4 part 1 
3hr Inhalation techniques for Wellness Care
 preventative stress and symptom care

November 4th 

Contact Rodney Schwan HHAP for more information at 619 405 0589 

Innovative wellness Activity Class Presenter Curriculum

Module 5 Internship program program 
stating Jan 2018

Monthly class curriculum 

Live & Webinar Workshops 
Aromatherapy, Herbal teas & Cultural Wellness Care
Therapeutic sound and music 
Mindfulness and Mindful Movement 
Garden to Table Seasonal Recipes 
Mindful movement & Practical Personal Self Care
Nature/Nurture Art Color & Sensory Awareness
How to be an Aromatherapy Wellness Coach 

12 Monthly class curriculum 
News Letter 
Essential oil essence of the Season and Month 

Continuing Education Units towards
​ Certification in Wellness Care Aromatherapy 

CEU's for RN 
cep 16121 / BRN approved

Workshop fees separate from internship program 
$ 65 Module 4 part 1 required 
Early Registration Course: Wellness Care Aromatherapy 
Module 5 Certificate Classes  TBA 
Inquire about Monthly fee for internship & Mentor Program's


Sacred Art of Aromatherapy 
Master Class Retreat 
Spring of 2018 
TBA module 4 part 1 required 

Day 1 Course Objectives: 
  • Seasonal calendar of plants in relationship to your personality and nature. 
  • Sacred energetic and clinical profiles of 18 essential oils
  • Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, Chakra system and essential oils.  
  • Chemistry, safety, and practical uses of essential oils for personal and professional care applications. 
  • Traditional Chinese and Ayurveda uses of essential oils 
  •  Enneagram, Chakra system, Energetic and Traditional Chinese points
  • Body mapping and essential skills for blending of essential oils.  
  • Mindfulness, movement and ritual care uses of Aromatherapy.  
  • Practical hands on applications of over 20 essential oils for skin care, holistic health clinical and palliative medicine. 

​Day 2 Sacred Art of Aromatherapy: Course Objectives:

●     mindful personal care using the Enneagram personality assessment tools and essential         oil characteristics.
●     Study the sacred methods of using essential oils in connection to sound and music. 
●     In depth body mapping assessment skills 
●     Base oil selection and Hands on Essential Oil Blending 
●     Principles of Chinese Medicine, Enneagram Chakra system and Energy 
       acupressure points with Hands on application skills. 

Also learn how to: 

  • ​A color coded system to the sacred art of aromatherapy 
  • Mindful Medicine and Aromatherapy techniques using sound, breath and meditation. 
  • Guided Imagery and Mindfulness
  • Healing Touch, Reiki, and the color coded chakra points. 
  • Practical Aromatherapy application of Reflexology and TCM acupressure points. 

Students will learn how to assess mind body aromatherapy using body mapping with overview of acupressure points, reflexology and ENERGY points of the body. Energy is consistent with Healing Touch, Chakra, Reiki and Marma energy points of the body. Students will learn hands on blending for personal, practical Energetic Wellness, and Patient compassionate care techniques within medical care setting. 

For all students personal and professional.